Reinsurance Product Offering

Automatic Disability Reinsurance

Smith Group Provides automatic disability reinsurance on an excess or quota share basis. We work closely with the client to establish an appropriate attachment point or percentage of risk scenario in order to provide the best reinsurance solution. All disability reinsurance agreements are complimented by Smith Group Service Days, which can be used for projects outside of traditional reinsurance services.

An automatic excess reinsurance agreement with Smith Group offers several advantages to the client. Specifically, the cost Is less than that of turn-key or facultative, it stabilizes the size of loss experience, spreads the risk and is easy to administer. In addition, the attachment point limits exposure on the entire disability portfolio. Finally, an automatic disability reinsurance agreement with Smith Group is accompanied by value-added disability experience and expertise.

Smith Group also offers value-added automatic quota share reinsurance. The agreement allows the direct carrier to introduce a new disability product while deferring most of the risk and accessing Smith Group's expertise and advice. Additionally, quota share reinsurance stabilizes both the size and incidence loss experience since reinsurance is applied from the first dollar of the claim.

Smith Group also provides facultative reinsurance for select business requiring customized financial management. This may be provided in conjunction with an existing automatic treaty or on a stand alone basis. In a facultative reinsurance agreement, Smith Group underwrites each situation separately in order to provide specialized services and risk management to cases or markets where risk is especially large or volatile. This type of arrangement removes a specific risk from the block and provides access to Smith Group's specialized expertise.